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February 16, 2021

Brothers and Sisters,
First, a little news regarding some recent legislative developments within Illinois. SMART- TD has spear headed and introduced train length legislation in multiple states throughout the US. Small variations in the exact language and technical details do exist but universally it sets the maximum train lengths at 8500 feet. Illinois’s current draft models this maximum as well. Further, regulations have been introduced that mandate carriers within our state will receive an annual copy of the ICC’s regulations regarding railroad walkways and crew facilities. This will serve to remind carriers that they must fully understanding these requirements and emphasize their need to comply with them.
With that said, I am continuing to request your support as we pursue these common-sense pieces of legislation. I am also asking that you email me with accurate and timely instances of train length issues OR crew walkways and/or crew facilities issues. When submitting information please keep these key pieces of information in mind:
Date, Time, Location, Carrier, Officers involved, Crew ID, Train length, HAZMAT materials, subdivision, crossings involved, delay of passenger services, lack of staging areas or sidings, was it reported to immediate supervisors/ dispatcher, rear end communication issues and any other details giving the exact nature of the problems created or compromised safety.
Thank you in advance for providing this vital and necessary information. It will help bolster our arguments that this legislation should be prioritized and passed in our state.
Chris Falaney
BLET- ISLB Chairman