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Mission Statement

The mission of the Illinois State Legislative Board, as an integral part of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, is to protect and advance the interests of our members.

The interests of our members include:

  • A Healthy and Safe Work Environment;
  • Active Citizenship;
  • Promote and Maintain the highest standard of professional conduct and thereby preserve the crafts of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen

To accomplish our mission we will be guided by these values and beliefs:

  • Union organization and solidarity in the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen are essential to our success;
  • Honesty, integrity, trust and respect are necessary within our union and society;
  • Respect for the law, equality, and participation by our members are fundamental;
  • Division Legislative Representatives will have full input and impact on decisions of the organization

To accomplish our mission we will aggressively pursue these goals and objectives:

  • Education, training and participation of Division Legislative Representatives and members of the BLET regarding the importance of political, legislative and regulatory issues;
  • To support legislation that benefit and oppose legislation that will harm the people we represent;
  • Regular and effective communication with the general public and elected representatives about our legislative agenda;
  • Establish effective channels of internal communication and accountability