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First of all I would like to congratulate all the members elected to the ISLB Executive Board at the 13th Quadrennial Meeting in Schaumburg on the 24th of September, 2010. 1st Vice-Chairman James McGovern, 2nd Vice-Chairman David Hiligoss, 3rd Vice-Chairman Tony Belscamper, Secretary/Treasurer- Tim Dunn, 1st Alt Vice Chairman-Pat Randolph, 2nd Alt. Vice Chairman- Norm Eisengart, 3rd Alt. Vice Chairman-Chris Falaney and Alt. S/T Secretary/Treasurer Dan Theilmen. I would also like to thank all the board members for their support for being elected by acclamation. This well rounded board will work well together. We will persevere and be united at the challenges that we may encounter.

Preparation for the elections:
Over the next 60 days we will have the opportunity to participate in two very important and critical
elections. The first being the Illinois General Elections on November 2nd and on November 15th the BLET National will be mailing out ballots for the election of certain National Officers. These ballots will need to be return by the 15th of December. The results of these two upcoming elections could play a part in you and your family’s future. It is important to cast your ballot for those whom given us support. MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT!

Chairman Activities:

9/6 Attended CFL Labor Day event. (Chicago)
9/12-9/16 Attended Southwest Regional Meeting (San Antonio, TX.)
9/17 HSR Groundbreaking Ceremony with Gov. Quinn, Sen. Durbin, and FRA Szabo (Alton)
9/17 Inspection of crossing at A&S yard (East St Louis)
9/18 (DRSC) DuPage Rail Safety Council Monthly Meeting (Hinsdale)
9/23-9/24 ISLB 13th Quadrennial Meeting (Schaumburg)
9/28 Meeting with incoming and outgoing ISLB S/T’s (Chicago)
9/28 Fund raiser dinner with Sen. Cullerton (Chicago)
9/29 DRSC Symposium Moderator for Metra Chair Carole Doris, UP Tom Zapler and IDOT Joe Schacter. (Oakbrook)