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90% majority of BLET members ratify quality of life agreement with UP
The six BLET General Chairmen reported today that 90% of BLET Divisions representing locomotive engineers on Union Pacific ratified a momentous agreement that enhances the quality of life for those locomotive engineers and their families by making it possible for them to have more predictable schedules.
The agreement provides locomotive engineers in unassigned service scheduled rest days and predictable work schedules (being available for 11 days, followed by 4 days off) along with other work/rest models. The parties expect to implement the new work/rest schedules within the next year across the system.
The General Chairmen and their General Committee Officers would like to thank their members for ratifying this industry-changing agreement that will greatly augment their quality of life. They further state, “We will continue to negotiate meaningful improvements to the working conditions for the members we represent.”
Additionally, the General Chairmen would like to thank BLET First Vice President Mark Wallace and National Vice President Gary Best for their assistance in this endeavor.