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Illinois commission OKs grade crossing projects in four counties

The Illinois Commerce Commission recently approved agreements for grade crossing improvement projects in four counties.

Some project expenses will be covered by the state’s Grade Crossing Protection Fund (GCPF), ICC officials said in press releases issued earlier this month.

In Fayette County, the ICC approved a $440,226 project that requires Union Pacific Railroad to install automatic warning devices at the 1325 North crossing in Wheatland. The township will reconstruct the existing highway approaches at the crossing, which will cost $123,645. The GCPF will cover that expense. Warning device installation will cost $316,581, with the GCPF covering 95% of that. UP will pay remaining installation costs and future operation and maintenance of the devices.

In McClean County, the ICC approved a $616,064 project to install automatic flashing lights, signals, gates, approach grade and side slope improvements on Norfolk Southern Railway track near Holder. The crossing is located at 2150 East Road.

The cost for the new automatic warning devices is $394,064, with the GCPF covering 95% of signal installation costs. NS will fund the remaining signal design and installation costs, as well as future maintenance. McClean County officials estimated the cost to design and rehabilitate the roadway approach grades and side slopes at $222,000. The Old Town Road District will pay $22,000 for preliminary engineering, with the GCPF covering the rest of the roadway approach grade rehab costs.

In Pike County, the ICC approved a $597,218 project requiring NS to install automatic flashing signals, gates, warning devices and approach-grade improvements at the 150th Street crossing in Levee Township. The GCPF will fund 95% of the signal installation expenses. NS will fund remaining signal design and installation costs, as well as future maintenance for the automatic warning devices. Pike County officials estimate the approach-grade improvements at $219,835, but the town is unable to pay for any of it. So, the GCPF will cover the entire expense, ICC officials said.

In Stephenson County, the commission approved a $332,179 project requiring the Chicago, Central & Pacific Railroad Co. — which is owned by CN — to install new automatic warning devices at the North Harlem Center Road crossing in Freeport. The GCPF will cover 95% of the cost; the railroad will pay remaining costs as well as future expenses to maintain the automatic warning devices.