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The deadline to submit your application in May 1, 2024!

Brother Don Little a Locomotive Engineer with Metra Commuter Rail and a proud BLET
member of Division 294 for over 35 years.
Don graduated from Lake Park High School in 1967 and later served on the 1st Calvary in
Vietnam from 1968-1970. He was the Commander of the Elk Grove VFW, a member of
the Marengo American Legion, and Zoning Board. Don was the BLET Mississippi State
Legislative Board Chairman for several years and served over 10 years on the Executive
Committee of the Illinois State Legislative Board.
Few people were more devoted to family, friends, and public service than Don; he
accepted the railroad’s way of life for what it was and made the best of the
opportunities it had to offer. He did not wish to devote his time so much to the job
itself, but to the benefit of his union brothers and sisters. While serving on the Illinois
State Legislative Board, Don had a dream of establishing a scholarship program for the
family members of fellow Brothers who worked in Illinois. Unfortunately, Don passed
away in August of 2010 leaving behind Judith, his wife of 30 years and two daughters,
Shannon and Lauren, before his work was completed on the scholarship fund.
In 2013 the Illinois State Legislative Board established the first annual Don Little Memorial
Scholarship fund. Don’s legacy is one of a great union brother, husband, father, friend,
and colleague. This scholarship not only honors his name but also represents what he had
in his heart: an unsurpassed passion to help people who are trying to get ahead in life yet
may not have the resources to accomplish their dream.