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Republican T&I Committee Chair:
“There are also some issues that need to be considered as this expensive technology is safely integrated into existing fleets. For example, we need to discuss if any rules and regulations at the federal level need to change to reflect that a driver may not always be in the cab, such as how trucks can continue to be safely inspected.
While many have called for a federal regulatory framework, such a framework should not be overly prescriptive, but instead create guardrails for the industry to grow with safety at the forefront. We must avoid stifling innovation as the technology develops, and striking this balance is vital for America to continue its global competitive edge in this industry.”
Democrat T&I Committee Ranking Member:
“While autonomous trucks may create new or different jobs, with human drivers overseeing or dispatching AVs, their mass deployment stands to eliminate jobs or degrade wages for the existing truck drivers.
Commercial AVs are not limited to trucks. Transit bus operators also face job losses or changes if a human driver becomes unnecessary.
AV technology has the potential to make truck driving a better job by helping shift more work to safer, more predictable jobs in short-haul routes or dispatching.
But AVs can also threaten a career choice that has long been a path to the middle class and a good paycheck.”