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CLEVELAND, October 28 — Ronnie E. Rhodes was reelected by acclamation to his second full term as General Chairman at the Union Pacific-Central Region General Committee of Adjustment’s quadrennial meeting in Little Rock, Ark., October 21-22, 2015. All other officers of the Board were also elected by acclamation.

Brother Rhodes is a Union Pacific locomotive engineer and a member of Division 915 (Alexandria, La.). He first joined the Brotherhood on March 1, 1980. Brother Rhodes has been serving as General Chairman since October 1, 2011. He was elected to the office of 1st Vice Chairman at the GCA’s quadrennial meeting in January of 2008.

Also elected were: Kyle J. Bagby, Vice General Chairman (Division 81, Kansas City, Kan.); Kevin S. Leyerle, Secretary-Treasurer (Division 81, Kansas City, Kan.); Jay N. Callaway, Executive Committee Member (Division 858, Pine Bluff, Ark.); Robert L. Law Jr., Kansas City Hub Vice Chairman (Division 491 (Kansas City, Mo.); Norman J. Baker, Little Rock Hub Vice Chairman and First Alternate Vice General Chairman (Division 585, North Little Rock, Ark.); and Brian J. Young, St. Louis Hub Vice Chairman and Third Alternate Vice General Chairman (Division 48, St. Louis, Mo.).

The following Alternate officers were also elected: Christopher S. Mullin, Alternate Secretary-Treasurer (Division 336, Osawatomie, Kan.); Scott D. Thibodeau, Kansas City Hub Alternate Vice Chairman and Second Alternate Vice General Chairman (Division 81, Kansas City, Kan.); David R. McBride II, Little Rock Hub Alternate Vice Chairman (Division 915, Alexandria, La.); and Michael L. Gurley, St. Louis Hub Alternate Vice Chairman (Division 42, St. Louis, Mo.).

The following Trustees were elected: Michael S. Medlin (Division 442, Dexter, Mo.); Jay N. Callaway (Division 858, Pine Bluff, Ark.); and Jeffery D. Jones (Division 609, Jefferson City, Mo.).

Representing the National Division at the meeting were: Dennis R. Pierce, National President; E. Lee Pruitt, First Vice President; Mike Twombly, National Vice President; and Gil Gore, National Vice President.

Additional BLET special guests included: Bill Hannah, General Chairman, UP-Western Lines General Committee of Adjustment (GCA); Dick Crow, General Chairman, UP-Northern Region GCA; Dave Geisler, General Chairman, UP-Eastern District GCA; Warren Dent, General Chairman, UP-Southern Region GCA; Steve Leyshon, 1st Vice Chairman, UP-Western Region GCA; Terry Todd, Arkansas State Legislative Board Chairman; Arlin Todd, Louisiana State Legislative Board Chairman; and Paul Piekarski, Illinois State Legislative Board Chairman.

“I congratulate and thank Brother Ronnie Rhodes and all officers of the Union Pacific-Central Region General Committee of Adjustment for their service to our Brotherhood,” President Pierce said. “The spirit of Brotherhood and solidarity was prevalent throughout this quadrennial meeting, which is due in part to the strong leadership displayed by Brother Rhodes and his officers.”

During the session, all matters presented to the delegates (elections, bylaws changes, etc.) received unanimous votes in the affirmative, and all business was conducted in a timely and professional manner.

The GCA also recognized Brother David W. Grimes, Local Chairman of Division 42 (St. Louis, Mo.). Brother Grimes had served the GCA as its St. Louis Hub Chairman, but did not seek reelection due to his pending retirement.

“Brother Grimes has proudly served our Brotherhood in many capacities over the past 30 years,” President Pierce said. “He is a dedicated union officer who had a profoundly positive influence on countless members over the years. Brother Dave will be sorely missed, and on behalf of the entire BLET, I extend best wishes for a long, happy and healthy retirement.”

The BLET’s UP-Central Region General Committee of Adjustment encompasses 20 BLET Divisions in six different states (Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Iowa) and represents approximately 2,200 active and retired members.