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The month of October had been very active leading up to the November 2, elections. The State of Illinois General Assembly was for the most part was uneventful. The Governor’s office remains unchanged Democrat Pat Quinn retaining office. The Illinois Senate and Illinois House of Representatives remains in the control of the Democrats. The US Senate a different story Republican Mark Kirk defeated Democrat candidate Alexi Gianoluois. On the bright side Senator elect Mark Kirk is a proponent of passenger rail. The Illinois State Legislative Board actually supported him in a past US Congressional race. The U.S. Congressional Illinois four incumbent Democrats lost elections and the Republicans were able to maintain Rep. Mark Kirk’s seat that he vacated to run for US Senate.

Through redistricting next year, which is controlled by the state Democrats, one of those Republican seats will probably have to be given up.

This election cycle appears to have made it more apparent to the membership about the importance of contributing to the PAC. I have noticed an increase in contributions several months.

Chairman Activities

10/04-07 Attended 2nd BLET National Convention Reno, NV

10/10 Attended Division 458 IMeeting

10/12 Quinn Rally with Vice President Biden Chicago

10/14 Representative Jay Hoffman fundraiser Chicago

10/18 Union Pacific Global IV Opening Ceremony Joliet

10/19 CRLA Commuter Rail Labor Association Meeting Chicago

10/20 Metra Labor Management Meeting Chicago

10/26 High Speed Rail announcement with Gov. Quinn East Moline

10/28 Senator Emil Jones III fundraiser Chicago

11/02 Attended Campaign Receptions of Lipinski, Gianoluis and Quinn Chicago

11/09 Attended Division 575 Meeting

11/11 Attended Various Veterans Day Ceremonies

11/13 Attended Division 394 Meeting

11/15 ICC Illinois Chamber Commerce Infrastructure Meeting Chicago

11/16-18 Illinois General Assembly Veto Session Springfield

11/18 ITTF Illinois Terrorism Task Force Springfield

11/29-30 Illinois General Assembly Veto Session Springfield