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Mobilization Alert: One more battle this year in Missouri, and it’s one we must win!

(The following message from the BLET Mobilization Team and the Missouri State Legislative Board is directed to BLET members and their families living in the state of Missouri.)

CLEVELAND, September 4 — This year the Missouri State General Assembly (MOGA) passed House Bill 116. HB 116 would make Missouri a so-called Right-To-Work state. Fortunately Democrat Missouri Governor Jay Nixon vetoed the bill thus preventing it from becoming law. On September 16th the MOGA will reconvene for their annual Veto Session. This is the time when the State Senators and State Representatives will attempt to override any veto by the governor if they believe they have enough votes to do so. This requires a two-thirds super majority in both chambers, which the Republican Party currently holds. As BLET members and Teamsters we must ensure that our labor friends from both sides of the aisle stand with us and oppose a veto override of HB 116.

BLET Missouri State Legislative Board Chairman Brian Kelley is asking every BLET member who lives in Missouri to immediately contact their State Representative and State Senator during normal business hours Monday through Friday. Please call both of your elected officials, tell them you are a constituent of theirs, and politely ask them to oppose any attempt to override the governor’s veto of HB 116. You will probably not talk directly with the legislator, but please be just as respectful to their staff member as you would if you were talking with them. More than likely they will not ask you why you are against the bill, but here are some points to touch on just in case:

• Right to work bills like those introduced in recent years are big government interfering with private businesses and their employees. Corporations and businesses should have the right to make agreements that best suit their business model without government intervention.

• Statistics show that workers in so called Right-to-Work states on average have lower wages, higher poverty rates, less access to health care and poorer education for their children. We want to continue to raise the living standards in the Show-Me State and not lower them.

You can look up all your legislators by using the below link:


or call 1-855-463-VETO (8386) to speak with your State Representative.

If you need any assistance please call Brother Kelley on his cell phone: (816) 786-8475.

Friday, September 04, 2015
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