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ICC Approves Highway-Rail Safety Upgrades for Adams County Crossing Projects

The Illinois Commerce Commission approved public safety projects for three highway-rail crossings near La Prairie in Adams County. The agreement requires the installation of automatic flashing light signals with gates and highway approach grade improvements at the East 2650th Street (AAR/DOT #063774X), North 2800th Avenue (AAR/DOT #063775E), and North 2900th Avenue (AAR/DOT #063778A) crossings.


The total estimated cost to design and install the warning signals at all three crossings is $1,056,857. ICC staff recommended that the Grade Crossing Protection Fund (GCPF) be used to pay 95 percent of the signal design and construction costs, not to exceed $1,004,013. BNSF will pay the remaining 5 percent of the costs to design, install and maintain the signals and circuitry.


The total estimated costs to rehabilitate the existing highway approaches is $336,172. ICC staff recommended that the GCPF be used to pay 100 percent of the approach design and construction costs, in an amount not to exceed $336,172. The Northeast Township Road District will be responsible for the costs and work to maintain the highway approaches.


“Upgrades to these highway-rail crossings in Adams County will protect pedestrians and motorists near and around trains. The Grade Crossing Protection Fund enables the ICC to help communities across Illinois to afford and move forward with important rail safety improvements,” said ICC Commissioner Michael T. Carrigan.   


All work is expected to be completed within 18 months of the Order date.


To read Stipulated Agreement 2302 in Docket No. T24-0001 click here.


About the Illinois Commerce Commission


The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) is a quasi-judicial body made up of five Commissioners.  Through its Public Utility Program, the Commission oversees the provision of adequate, reliable, efficient and safe utility services at the least possible cost to Illinois citizens served by electric, natural gas, telecommunications, water and sewer public utility companies.  Through its Transportation Regulatory Program, the Commission oversees public safety and consumer protection programs with regard to intrastate commercial motor carriers of general freight, household goods movers, relocation towers, safety towers, personal property warehouses and repossession agencies. The Commission’s Rail Safety Program also inspects and regulates the general safety of railroad tracks, facilities, and equipment in the state.