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The 96th Illinois General Assembly fall veto session ran into the first two days of December. In four days that last week, the Illinois General Assembly was able to push through legislation that has typically been a lightening rod for controversy, none of the issues being rail related.

Over the Christmas holidays I visited with my daughter who is teaching at a school in the London. We took the Eurostar train from London to Paris. I was afforded the opportunity to ride in the cab of that particular run. What an experience at 190mph, an incredibly smooth ride. The conditions in the cab weren’t much different from the conditions of some of our cabs – painted in a dark color, dusty, chipped paint.

With the beginning of the 97th Illinois General Assembly in mid- January no rail related legislation has yet to be introduced. There has been some rumbling from the Senate side about Metra‘s Board and their disapproval on the way things are being run and that the Board should all be replaced.

Chairman Activities


12/01-02 In Springfield for Fall Veto Session

12/03 Attended Metra Car Emissions Meeting (Chicago)

12/06 Attended Metra Ventilation Meeting (Chicago)

12/10 Attended Metra Emission Level Testing Meeting (Chicago)

12/13 Attended Metra Emission Funding Meeting (Chicago)

12/13 Attended Division 474 Meeting

12/16 Illinois Terrorism Task Force Meeting (Springfield)

12/17 Metra Emissions Meeting (Chicago)

12/18 Attended Division 815 Holiday Party (Oak Forest)

12/18 DuPage Rail Safety Council Meeting

12/20-22 Various work in the office (Downers Grove)


01/04-06 Springfield Session

01/10 Springfield Inauguration Ceremonies and Ball

01/11 State Legislative Board Chairmen conference call with national and DC offices.

01/11 Springfield 96th Illinois General Assembly Session

01/12-13 Springfield 97th Illinois General Assembly Session

01/15 DuPage Rail Safety Council Safety meeting (Hinsdale)

01/18 Attended fundraiser for Illinois Democratic Caucus

01/18 Attended Division 474 Meeting

01/19 Attended Metra Emission Task Force Meeting (Chicago)

01/20 Attended Metra’s Labor/Management meeting (Chicago)

01/25 Conference call re: Green Railroading