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BLET, BNSF reach tentative agreement on paid sick leave, improvements to work schedules for locomotive engineers
On August 1, the BLET announced it had reached a tentative system-wide agreement with the BNSF Railway that will significantly benefit locomotive engineers. The tentative agreement includes up to eight paid sick leave days and grants access to scheduled time off in an effort to improve the quality of work-life balance for the engineers.
This breakthrough tentative agreement comes after several months of negotiations, and pending ratification by BLET’s members at BNSF, it is expected to bring positive changes to both the professional and personal lives of locomotive engineers. The agreement will allow for more predictable scheduling and enable engineers to take paid sick leave without any penalty. These enhancements will not only contribute to a more consistent service for BNSF’s customers but also aid in the recruitment and retention of employees.
Furthermore, the agreement introduces work/rest options that can be implemented in every pool. Locomotive engineers will have the opportunity to earn an “Earned Day Off” (EDO) quarterly. Additionally, all BLET-represented engineers at BNSF will be provided individual paid sick days.
Approximately 7,500 BLET members at BNSF will receive detailed information about the tentative agreement this week, and a ratification vote is scheduled for September.
The cooperation between BLET and BNSF marks an important step forward in supporting the well-being and satisfaction of locomotive engineers, ensuring a more balanced and efficient work environment.