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Amtrak cancels more than a dozen trains into and out of Chicago ahead of winter storm

CHICAGO (CBS) — Amtrak has preemptively canceled several trains out of Chicago ahead of a winter storm coming next week.
The rail agency said it is canceling a total of 18 trains between Sunday and Tuesday:

Empire Builder Service (between Chicago and Portland/Seattle):

  • Train 8/28 (Jan. 9)
  • Train 7/27 (Jan. 7)

(Note that the Empire Builder changes numbers along its route – cars separate at Spokane to go to Seattle and Portland, and combine in Spokane to head back to Chicago.)

Missouri River Runner (between St. Louis and Kansas City)

  • Train 316 (Jan. 8)
  • Train 319 (Jan. 8) between Chicago and St Louis
  • Train 311 (Jan. 9)
  • Train 318 (Jan. 9) between St. Louis and Chicago

Hiawatha Service (between Milwaukee and Chicago)

  • Trains 330, 331, 334, 335, 338, 339 (Jan. 9)

Lincoln Service (between Chicago and Kansas City)

  • Trains 300 & 305 (Jan. 9)

Wolverine Service (between Chicago and Pontiac, Mich.)

  • Trains 352 & 353 (Jan. 9)

Illinois Zephyr (between Chicago and Quincy, Ill.)

  • Trains 380 & 381 (Jan. 9)

A cold rain mixed with snow is expected Monday night into Tuesday, but as temperatures drop to near or below freezing by late Tuesday, we expect this to transition to a heavier wet snow. Accumulations are likely, but exact accumulations and impacts will depend on the track of this winter storm. The track and impacts will become clearer over the weekend.