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Last week in Illinois House Transportation Roads and Bridges Committee SB24 was called. Myself, Bob Guy, (IL SMART Leg Director), and Mike Renkin (SMART) gave testimony in support.of the legislation.
Seated in the hearing room from the BLET were ISLB 1st Vice Chris Falaney (Div 683), 2nd Vice, Rick Leschina (Div 32), 3rd Vice Cory Martin (Div 135), Jacub Szyzdek LR (458), and Nick Billingsley LR (Div 251).

The bill passed by a vote of 9-4
Yes  Cabello,John M (R)

Yes  Connor,John (D)

Yes  Costa Howard,Terra (D)

Yes  D’Amico,John (D)

Yes  Hoffman,Jay (D)

Yes  Manley,Natalie(D)

No McCombie,Tony (R)

No  McDermed,Margo(R)

Yes  Moylan,Martin J (D)

No  Parkhurst,Lindsay(R)

Yes  Scherer,Sue (D)

No  Weber,Tom (R)

Yes Yingling,Sam (D)

On Friday May 10th Margo McDermod  filed for a Fiscal Note

Monday May13th the fiscal note was answered, Fiscal Note (Illinois Commerce Commission) “The Commission does not anticipate needing additional resources to fulfill the requirements of this bill.”

I am hopeful and anticipating that the bill will get moved this week to 3rd reading with a floor vote then to the governor’s desk for a signature. I am requesting that you make one more call to your IL State Representative office requesting a YES vote on SB24 the two person freight rail crew safety bill.

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Teamsters Rail Conference
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